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No getting your wallet/ car keys/ cards/medicine/drivers license stolen is not the best situation ( is sucks a lot and really fucked my day up) BUT at least my car wasn’t stolen ( because they had my keys) and i wasn’t hurt( because they swiped it when i wasn’t looking) , and the bank stopped them from making a $300 purchase. AND now i get to get an adult license with a new non 19 year old me picture on it! Also the cop was really nice and admits he thinks most cops are jerks and if any cop gave me a hard time about me not having my license while I replace it to give them his number and he would give them the smack down.
So yeah even though this shitty thing happened at least there was some positive in it.

also a reminder to everyone to keep an eye on your stuff and don’t walk away from it, even if its for just one second it can be gone before you know it! People suck….. A lot

Really bummed out I had to leave the show last night before the show had even started but I knew if I stayed I probably would have passed out again and it would have been even worse.
After spending a few hours in the ER we found out that everything was fine and it was good that we came in because it could have been something bad. so yeah everything is good
I just wanted to post this to let you guys who  saw it happen know everything is fine. I’m really happy that I have good friends and I’m sorry for scaring the shit out of you guys.


Yearbook, 2014
Gel transfers on bandaids

A conceptual archive of everyone that I photographed between 2008 and 2014.

After recognizing the duality of the bandaid - healing and hurting - I attempted to quantify my relationships with everyone who I have photographed, in order from the person who has helped me heal the most to the person who has hurt me the most. But, I found that in this arranging process that people who have done both landed somewhere in the middle, alongside people I felt more neutrally towards. The intensity of the heal and the hurt was also affected by the passage of time and the strength of the memories. There was no real way to create this order when everyone had, whether strongly or not at all, contributed to some level of my healing or of my hurt.

This stands as an archive of everyone who has found themselves in front of my camera, and as a recognition of the roles they have all played in the last six years of my life.

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